Hello, I'm Pam Malhotra.



“Our goal is to help our clients navigate and achieve true financial freedom”


Pam Malhotra


To be a leader in providing true holistic financial planning by educating, guiding, empowering, and providing wealth and real estate strategies to help our clients achieve financial goals that ultimately help them elevate their lifestyles. We create the power of financial freedom through our course offerings, online coaching program, and one-on-one Wealth and Real Estate Workshops.

To fulfill our mission as a firm, we are dedicated to:

  1. Understanding our client's unique goals.
  2. Attending to the concerns of our clients by providing viable solutions
  3. Building long-term connections with our valued clients.
  4. Establishing an ongoing and regular line of communication.

Understanding our clients' needs and goals to grow their net worth, through traditional investing methods or Real Estate strategy, meant we could implement our mission while changing the trajectory of our clients' financial futures.